Nuclear Weapons Policy Programme Co-Lead

Deadline to apply: Interested candidates should apply immediately. We will review and process applications as they come in and will respond to your application within 10 working days of receiving the fully completed first stage of your application. We will close this hiring round as soon as we successfully hire a candidate (that is, there is no fixed deadline).



The successful candidate will co-lead Longview’s grantmaking to mitigate the risks posed by nuclear weapons. They will work alongside Carl Robichaud, who has over a decade of experience in nuclear grantmaking at Carnegie Corporation of New York. This team of two will design and implement a portfolio of grants totalling up to $10 million initially, a figure which could grow substantially if the team finds or creates sufficiently strong opportunities.

The nuclear weapons policy programme co-lead will:

  • Develop a strategy for Longview’s nuclear weapons policy work, clarifying which nuclear policy goals are good for the long-term future and identifying what types of grants would make the strongest progress toward these goals. We continue to develop our views on these topics, and we expect the hire to challenge and improve our beliefs, with research being an important part of this role.

  • Build and maintain relationships in the nuclear security field.

  • Build a deep understanding of the nuclear security space.

    • We are open to funding the successful candidate to undertake professional development via formal training/study alongside work at Longview.

  • Investigate and determine nuclear security grants.

    • Fund existing projects that advance identified goals. 

    • Identify new activities that could alleviate bottlenecks and seek out appropriate grantees to carry them out; develop project ideas in collaboration with potential grantees and partners.

  • Assess the progress of established projects and conduct investigations for renewal grants.

  • Communicate about projects and the team’s strategy with our collaborators.


The successful candidate would be managed by Longview’s Managing Director, Simran Dhaliwal (which involves weekly one-on-ones and regular performance reviews).


Who Should Apply for This Role?

Despite the seniority of this role, we are open to early-career individuals with the attributes described below.

Essential: the ideal candidate will demonstrate the following attributes.

  • A strong understanding of longtermism, in theory and in practice.

  • Enthusiasm about identifying the most promising nuclear policy goals and developing initiatives to further those goals. Willingness to be directly responsible for programme strategy and execution.

  • Comfort thinking about philanthropy in terms of expected value and using systematic, quantitative frameworks to make decisions.

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills: the candidate will need to proactively communicate with potential grantees, domain experts, and colleagues, and must be able to present complicated topics clearly, both in writing and verbally.

  • Comfort giving and receiving input, feedback and constructive criticism.

  • Willingness to travel as needed (approximately quarterly internationally and monthly domestically; less if based in Washington, DC).


Desirable: any of the following would be a material bonus, but are not required.

  • Experience working on nuclear security issues, especially those involving U.S./Russia/China.

  • Experience with policy issues related to emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, military technology, or biotechnologies.

  • Experience working in government on foreign policy issues.

  • Experience developing new initiatives. This could include, for example, making seed grants to new organisations, founding a startup, or initiating new projects inside established organisations.

We are able to sponsor work visas for this position.

Salary, Benefits and Location

  • This position is full time. Ability to work from Washington, D.C. is preferred. We are open to alternative locations, such as our London office.

  • Starting salary of around £100,000 / $130,000 p.a., depending on experience.  There is scope for an increased starting salary dependent on experience and skills.

  • Benefits include: generous paid vacation time, 10% employer pension contribution, access to a team personal assistant, equipment budget, training budget, well-being budget, private healthcare and dental care. 

  • We have flexible working hours and some team members regularly work from home. We typically work regular hours (c. 9am-6pm).

Application Process

For transparency and to respect the time of candidates, we would like to clearly outline the application process:

  • First stage: CV, short application form & standardised test.

    • Once you have submitted the short application form and emailed your CV to, you will be emailed the next working day with instructions to complete the online standardised test. No preparation is needed for the standardised test. 

    • We will be in touch about your application within 10 working days of you completing all components of this stage.

    • Deadline to apply: we are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Please apply immediately if you are interested.

  • Second stage: paid work task (8 hours maximum). We will compensate candidates £600 ($800) for completing this stage.

  • Third stage: interviews/discussions with the Longview team about the nuclear security space and real grantmaking decisions we are making. We will compensate candidates at £75/hr ($100/hr).

  • Fourth and final stage: work trial (likely several weeks, ideally in-person).

    • We expect to invite 1 or 2 candidates to work on one main project, likely focused on developing a nuclear security grantmaking strategy alongside Carl.

    • We recognise an in-person trial is a significant commitment. Compensation will be provided to all candidates who complete a work trial (£2,000/$2,700 per working week) and all travel/accommodation costs will be reimbursed.

    • We are keen to work with the final candidate(s) to ensure they are able to complete a work trial, and aim to be flexible and accommodating. This could include the work trial being spread over a longer period alongside the candidate’s existing work.

  • The starting date for the position will be determined together with the successful candidate. However, we are looking to hire as soon as possible.

  • Email with any questions. 

  • Longview Philanthropy is an equal opportunity employer. We are happy to make any reasonable accommodations necessary to welcome all to our workplace. Please contact us to discuss adjustments to the application process.

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