Sol Head of Office Operations

Deadline: We will be reviewing and progressing applications on a rolling basis. We aim to let you know whether you will be progressing to the next stage within 10 working days of receiving your application. Applications close midnight (Anywhere on Earth), Sunday 8 January 2023 or sooner if a successful hire is made before the deadline.

We are also hiring for an Office Operations Associate. If you are unsuccessful in your application as Head of Office Operations, we may consider you for this role instead. However, we strongly encourage you to apply even if you think this role is slightly too senior for you.

About Sol

Longview Philanthropy is excited to be launching Shared Office London (Sol) early next year.

Sol will serve as a coworking space for high-impact longtermist professionals in London. It aims to (i) increase the productivity of members by providing an excellent working environment and (ii) foster collaboration and networking through an exciting events programme and positive community atmosphere.

Sol will be based at  Montacute Yards in Shoreditch (a Fora workspace) and will support a community that will consist of ~100 members in the office and many more individuals associated with the space. Members and guests will have access to offices, hot-desks, meeting spaces, and wellness facilities - and we hope to reach even more individuals through our events programme.


Sol’s Head of Office Operations will work very closely with Conrad Kunadu and an Office Operations Associate to establish and run Sol. The role will grow as you and Sol develop, but you will start by focusing on the following key responsibilities:


Office Strategy & Management

You will be responsible for overseeing the operations of Sol to ensure it is a thriving, productive, and social hub.

  • Proactively seek ways to to improve Sol, offer new services, and optimise Sol to meet Sol’s goals (outlined above). 

  • Manage the allocation of offices and desks to permanent organisations, members, and guests.

  • Source and manage contractors (e.g. catering company, interior designer, procurement agency).

  • Evaluate and make purchasing decisions in accordance with Sol’s budget.

  • Liaise with Conrad and Simran to deal with incoming membership enquiries.


Office Operations Lead

You will be responsible for designing, executing, and iterating on the operations of Sol.

  • You will be co-managing the Office Operations Associate alongside Conrad Kunadu.

  • Oversee the implementation, enforcement, and iteration of the policies in the Sol Handbook. Work closely with Fora to execute and iterate on policies for Sol.

  • Ensure the building facilities are in good working order, liaising with Fora when needed.

  • Be ultimately responsible for ensuring the office remains well-stocked and equipped at all times.


Community Lead

You will be central to fostering  a culture of collaboration, curiosity, and high epistemic standards. 

  • Proactively seek ways to improve Sol’s social norms, community, epistemic standards and culture.

  • Manage the Sol Slack Workspace.

  • Work closely with Longview’s events team to design and execute an exciting, high-impact, events programme.

  • Create a great onboarding experience for members and guests of Sol.

  • Interviewing and surveying members to find out about their experience, and acting on feedback quickly and appropriately.


The successful candidate will be managed by Conrad Kunadu (which involves weekly 1-1s and regular performance reviews). The successful applicant will co-manage an Office Operations Associate.

Who Should Apply for This Role?

Essential: the ideal candidate will demonstrate the following attributes.

  • Effective and keen problem-solver: you’re attentive to potential problems and resolve them effectively before they become an issue.

  • Proactive: you’ll constantly be looking for ways to improve Sol and successfully execute initiatives that do so.

  • Effective project management skills: demonstrated ability to effectively manage a significant and varied task volume in order to ensure timelines are adhered to. Ability to prioritise and delegate effectively when needed. 

  • Commitment to quality: we want Sol to be one of the best spaces to work in the world. You’ll be committed to providing an incredible service and proactively seek ways to collect feedback to improve Sol.

  • Independent: able to use discretion and good judgement to make strategic and object-level decisions without needing to defer to others in the team. There is very high potential for autonomy in this role.

  • Strong communication skills: for liaising externally (contractors, visitors, etc.) and for liaising with Sol members. You’ll be one of the key friendly faces of Sol!

  • Familiarity with effective altruism: Sol is a mission-driven project and familiarity with the concepts of effective altruism and longtermism are important as they guide its mission and  strategy.


Desirable but not essential: any of the following would be a bonus, but are not required.

  • Experience as an office manager or events organiser.

  • Experience managing other people.

  • Knowledge/experience of GSuite, Asana, Mailchimp, Airtable, and no-code automation.


We are able to sponsor work visas for this position.

Salary, Benefits and Location

  • This position is full-time. You will be required to work in person from Sol in Shoreditch, London.

  • Starting salary of c. £55,000 p.a., depending on experience and skills.

  • Benefits include: generous paid vacation time, 10% employer pension contribution, equipment budget, training budget, well-being budget, private healthcare and dental care. 

  • This role is centred around office work, so you would be expected to work from Sol and keep fairly regular hours (~9am - 6pm).

Application Process

  • First stage: CV (email to, short application form & standardised test.

    • Once you have submitted the short application form and emailed your CV to, you will be emailed the next working day with instructions to complete the online standardised test. No preparation is needed for the standardised test. 

    • We will be in touch about your application within 10 working days of you completing all 3 components of this stage.

    • Deadline to apply: the deadline to apply for this role is midnight (Anywhere on Earth), Sunday 8 January 2023.

  • Second stage: paid work task (8 hours maximum). We will compensate candidates £50/hour for completing this stage.

  • Third stage: in-person structured interview (1 hour).

  • Fourth and final stage: 5-day work trial.

    • You will spend a week in Longview’s office working closely with Conrad and Ruth.

    • We recognise an in-person trial is a significant commitment. Compensation will be provided to all candidates who complete a work trial (£1,000). We are keen to work with the final candidate(s) to ensure they are able to complete a work trial, and aim to be flexible and accommodating. Please reach out if you are interested in applying but think you’d be unable to complete a work trial.

  • The starting date for the position will be determined together with the successful candidate. However, we are looking to hire as soon as possible.

  • Email with any questions. 

  • Longview Philanthropy is an equal opportunity employer. We are happy to make any reasonable accommodations necessary to welcome all to our workplace. Please contact us to discuss adjustments to the application process.