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Rising to the challenges of our time with ambition, compassion, and humility

We offer donor education, research reports, grant recommendations, a seamless grant transfer process, and ongoing progress reporting. Everything we provide is expertly vetted, tailored to the needs of each donor, and entirely free of charge.


We believe in the power of philanthropy. Philanthropy seeded the Green Revolution, helped cure polio, precipitated the first nuclear arms treaty, and drove the campaign against slavery. History shows that strategic generosity can not merely better the world so much as alter the course of history. Our goal is for every grant we recommend to help as many individuals as possible, as much as possible, while counting everyone equally — including future generations. We are truth-seeking, far-sighted, risk-neutral, and informed by the best available evidence.


We offer bespoke donor education, grant recommendations, and grant outcome reporting to donors giving over $1 million per year. Donors can either make grants directly to recommended organisations or contribute to our Longview Philanthropy Fund. Our grantmaking focuses on the challenges that could transform our world in the decades ahead, with lasting impact for centuries to come. Our work aims to reduce the risk of a major global catastrophe, such as a nuclear war between great powers, an engineered pandemic, or the misuse of advanced artificial intelligence. 


Great work is not done in isolation. Along with research, grantmaking, and donor education, we are passionate about fostering an ecosystem of thoughtful people working for positive change. At our retreats and events we bring together major philanthropists, academics, industry leaders, public intellectuals, policymakers, and others who care deeply about improving the world. 

Longview Philanthropy is the best resource in the world if you want to do the most good with your giving.
William MacAskill
Professor in Philosophy at the University of Oxford & author of 'What We Owe the Future'
Working with Longview takes the stress and guesswork out of giving, leaving us confident that our donations make a clear and measurable long term impact.
Tara Mac Aulay
CEO of Lantern Ventures
Longview Philanthropy is deeply committed to channelling the time and money of their advisees to the efforts that will make the greatest difference.
Max Tegmark
Professor of Physics at MIT & author of 'Life 3.0' and 'Our Mathematical Universe'
Where you put your money as a philanthropist matters, and Longview Philanthropy is excellent at helping donors accomplish as much good as possible with their giving.
Holden Karnofsky
Co-CEO of Open Philanthropy & Co-Founder of GiveWell
If all goes well, humanity has a vast future ahead of it — but very little of our philanthropy takes the scale of this future seriously. That’s why I am so excited about Longview Philanthropy. They really get it, and are finding opportunities for lasting impact.
Toby Ord
Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Oxford & author of 'The Precipice'
Longview Philanthropy are the leading philanthropic advisors on work to protect the long-term future, and have enabled multiple donors at scale to have a truly outsized impact.
Jaan Tallinn
Philanthropist, Co-Founder of Skype & Co-Founder of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge