We greatly value all feedback, especially critical feedback. We have three ways for you to give us feedback:

(1) Please email for any non-sensitive, attributed feedback. This feedback will be read by Ruth Wallis, and may be seen by any member of the Longview team (unless you specifically request restrictions on information sharing).

(2) If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please share your feedback through this form. This feedback form will remain completely anonymous. We do not collect any IP addresses, cookies, or other personally identifiable information other than what you choose to share with us. We will not be able to respond unless you provide contact information. Please have a low bar for submitting feedback via this method, we value all submissions!

We recognise why it might be hard to provide direct, critical feedback to funding/grantmaking organisations such as Longview. To encourage those outside our organisation to share serious concerns they may have, we have partnered with an independent third-party service to process this feedback anonymously:

(3) If your feedback involves concerns about a potential violation of ethical or professional standards, whether by a Longview team member, contractor, or one of our grantees, please share it anonymously through EthicsPoint, an independent incident-reporting service. The EthicsPoint reporting tool maintains the anonymity of users while ensuring that reports are seen by staff who are not involved in the matter of concern. Users will have the opportunity to enter into an anonymous dialogue with our team.