Operations Analyst

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Key Information

This application has now closed. The application deadline was Sunday 19 May 2024, by the end of day in your local time.

Role: The Operations Analyst will support our operations, events, executive and grantmaking teams by managing our office, coordinating meetings, setting meeting agendas, and supporting other operations processes within Longview.

Location: London, UK (working full-time from Longview’s East London office). We may be able to sponsor a UK work visa for this position.

Starting Salary: c. £35,000-40,000 p.a. We may be able to offer a higher starting salary, depending on the successful candidate’s experience and skills.

Benefits: 10% employer pension, private healthcare including vision and dental, £5,000/year wellbeing budget, £2,400/year professional development budget, and a well-stocked office fridge.


How to apply

This application has now closed.

About Longview Philanthropy

Longview Philanthropy’s mission and activities

Longview Philanthropy is a non-profit based in the UK and US. We design and execute bespoke giving strategies for major donors. Our grant recommendations are driven by the conviction that we can use evidence and reason to find the highest-impact donation opportunities. We focus on global challenges that could transform our future for many generations to come, including AI safety and governance, biosecurity, and nuclear weapons policy. Everything we offer is free-of-charge, independent, and often reviewed by external experts. We currently advise donors worldwide. We have recommended >$10m grants annually since our founding, and we have plans to scale up our giving.

Impact in this role

In this role, you’ll support the Longview team to effectively deploy over $10m per year to reduce the risk of a major global catastrophe, such as a nuclear war between great powers, an engineered pandemic, or the misuse of advanced artificial intelligence. Your work will enable Longview to operate more effectively and nimbly, and you’ll support a team working on high-impact grantmaking.

Longview Philanthropy’s team culture

We are a collaborative, dedicated and positive team. We are all deeply motivated by the work that we do and the impact we can have. We are an ambitious organisation with a culture of clear communication, commitment to excellence and professional development, direct feedback, ownership over our work and a strong focus on outcomes. Most of the team works from our office in London.


The Operations Analyst will support the Longview Philanthropy executive, grantmaking, operations, and events teams. Approximately 40% of their time will be spent on office management tasks and 60% on generalist-type operations tasks (depending on the successful candidate’s specific skills and professional development goals):

  • Meeting preparation and coordination
    • Creating meeting agendas for senior staff (CEO, COO & Programme Leads) and sharing them ahead of time
    • Scheduling meetings between team members and external stakeholders
    • Organising our monthly all-team meetings
  • Managing our London office
    • Keeping the office fridge stocked
    • Maintaining office inventory and equipment
    • Continuously improving our working environment
      • Including helping to scope for new offices, as required
    • Receiving and managing office guests
    • Liaising with our office provider (Fora)
  • Remote office management
    • Assisting our remote staff with their local office spaces, including finding suitable offices and liaising with the providers
    • Assisting staff with equipment orders
  • Collating materials from across the org to support the executive, grantmaking, events and operations teams
    • An example of this might be collating testimonials on our events for future invitations, or collating public and Longview-specific information on a potential or existing donor
  • Supporting staff where needed with smaller tasks, examples might include ordering items for staff and registering for events on their behalf
  • Administering and troubleshooting key shared systems, for example, 1Password, Asana, Slack, Calendly, Zoom, AirTable, and Notion
    • Moderating these platforms and enforcing communications and sharing norms
  • Managing our general enquiries email inbox and triaging emails to ensure they receive an appropriate response
    • Logging general job applications in our database and responding as necessary

Possible duties, depending on the candidate:

  • Helping administer hiring rounds
    • Communicating with candidates
    • Managing the candidate pipeline and applicant tracking system during the hiring process, as well as the logistics for work tests, trials and interviews
  • Supporting our IT infrastructure
    • Updating the website
    • Conducting basic cybersecurity tasks
  • Working with our Data Manager to keep our CRM up to date by tracking key interactions

The successful candidate will initially report to Katie Hearsum, COO, though management may eventually move to another member of the operations team, and ideally would be able to start in July 2024.

Who Should Apply for This Role?

The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following attributes:


The ideal candidate has these attributes and abilities:

  • At least 1 year of previous professional experience (or equivalent experience by volunteering, etc.)
  • Action-oriented: someone who loves getting things done and takes ownership for tasks
  • Highly organised: demonstrated ability to juggle multiple projects with competing deadlines and priorities
  • Professional: someone who conducts themselves professionally and appreciates the importance of this when representing Longview with office guests, hiring candidates and at events.
  • Outstanding attention to detail: the ability to execute tasks and bookings without errors
  • Proactive: the ideal candidate will strive to improve our systems to increase the overall impact of the Longview team
  • Ability to thrive on variety: someone who enjoys working on many different things, is flexible, and is comfortable with regular context-switching
  • Discretion and confidentiality: commitment to maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality
  • Independent: able to use discretion and good judgement to execute tasks without step-by-step instructions or close oversight
  • Ability to put work in context: someone who consistently views individual tasks as part of a wider project and independently questions the best way to achieve the ultimate project aims
  • Excited to work in a supporting role for grantmaking, operations, executive and events teams, where your day-to-day job is focused on helping others conduct their work more effectively


  • Previous experience as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Office Manager, or other operations-focused roles
  • Experience with Airtable, which is used within Longview for several key functions
  • Excellent communication skills: ability to judge the tone needed for a wide variety of communications and draft emails/documents appropriately
  • Impact-driven: we are a mission-driven organisation that cares deeply about doing the most good

If you think you are a strong fit for this role, but you’re on the fence about applying because you’re unsure whether you’re qualified, we encourage you to apply.

Application Process

  • First stage: Submit an application by Sunday 19 May and complete a 20-minute screening task within 3 days of submitting your application - This application has now closed.
  • Second stage: First interview (20 minutes)
  • Third stage: Paid 2.5 hour work task(s)
    • We will pay candidates £30/hr for completing this stage.
    • Anyone doing a paid work task must have the relevant right to work in the place where they are doing the work.
  • Fourth stage: Second interview (1 hour) and reference checks
  • Fifth stage: in-person 1-2 day work trial 
    • We recognise an in-person trial is a significant commitment. An honorarium will be provided to all candidates who complete a work trial and travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed.
      • Anyone doing a paid work trial must have the relevant right to work in the UK
  • We are keen to work with the final candidate(s) to ensure they are able to complete a work trial, and aim to be flexible and accommodating. Please reach out if you are interested in applying but think you’d be unable to complete a work trial.

The starting date for the position will be determined together with the successful applicant. The ideal candidate would start in July 2024.

Email jobs+ta@longview.org with any questions.

Longview Philanthropy is an equal opportunity employer and we aim to employ people with many different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds who share our passion and believe in our mission. We do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. We are happy to make any reasonable accommodations necessary to welcome all to our workplace. Please contact us to discuss adjustments to the application process.