Great work is not done in isolation.

Along with research, grantmaking, and donor education, we are passionate about creating and fostering an ecosystem of thoughtful people working for positive change. At our annual retreats, we bring together philanthropists, academics, industry leaders, public intellectuals, policy-makers, and other brilliant people who deeply care about improving the world.

From dinners to residential retreats, our events bring together philanthropists and experts for discussion, learning, and connecting with peers. Our in-house team produces highly curated events worldwide with a structured programme of Longview events to best serve the aims of the philanthropists we work with.

Longview Events
Annual Retreat 2022
September 2022
Annual Retreat 2022
Ascot, UK

Over four days, Longview brought together 65 communicators, policymakers, philanthropists, and moral entrepreneurs. Through a structured agenda of sessions, activities, curated meals, and one-on-one time, philanthropists deepened their knowledge of key cause areas and built a community of peer funders.

Media Retreat
June 2022
Media Retreat
New York, US

We hosted a small group retreat in New York focused on encouraging impartial, scope-sensitive, truth-seeking media. Over 200 project ideas were borne out of this retreat.

It can sometimes be difficult to make an event truly interactive and valuable; the Longview team is incredibly thoughtful and were able to do so seamlessly. Their learning session was unlike any other informational webinar, and all participants were engaged, empowered and left with new insights!
Martha Simmons, JD, LLM, PhD, ICD.D
Chief Education Officer at Forthlane Partners
The most valuable professional retreat I've attended in years.
Christine Parthemore
CEO of the Council on Strategic Risks
Totally seamless experience - a masterpiece in logistics!
Dr Jade Leung
Governance Lead at OpenAI
A remarkable opportunity to connect and advance practical initiatives to ensure a long and flourishing future.
Prof. Kevin Esvelt
Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab
The conversations and contacts from this workshop significantly accelerated my understanding of the issues, and helped to advance my organisation’s efforts to address global existential risks.
Duncan Cass-Beggs
Counsellor for Strategic Foresight at the OECD
One of the most exciting and productive meetings I’ve attended—wonderful people who are brilliant and friendly, and all of this in an ideal setting for making intellectual and personal connections.
Prof. Joshua Greene
Professor of Psychology at Harvard University
Fascinating exposure to bright minds, intensive learning on massive challenges and opportunity for rigorous thinking about how to make the world a better place.
Stacey Kline
CEO of Otto Intelligence
An excellent chance to discuss important questions with fellow participants spanning a wide range of experience.
Martin Rees, Lord Rees of Ludlow, OM, FRS
UK Astronomer Royal and Co-founder of Centre for the Study of Existential Risk