Emerging Challenges Fund

Emerging Challenges Fund

The Emerging Challenges Fund supports work that reduces existential and catastrophic risks, such as those coming from artificial intelligence, pandemics, and nuclear weapons.

The fund aims to be a strong donation option for a wide range of donors interested in these issues. The fund focuses on organisations that:

  • Have a compelling and transparent case in favour of their impact that most donors interested in these issues will understand; and/or
  • May benefit from being funded by a large number of donors (rather than a single organisation or donor).

Hundreds of donors have contributed to this effort.

Longview also offers bespoke education, grant recommendations, and grant outcome reporting to donors giving over $1 million per year. Please get in touch with our Founder & President Natalie Cargill at natalie.enquiries@longview.org.

Fund Managers
Emerging Challenges Fund
Dr Tyler John
Existential Risks Programme Officer
Tyler leads Longview Philanthropy’s grantmaking in emerging technology governance. Prior to joining Longview, he earned a PhD in philosophy at Rutgers University—New Brunswick, where he was admitted with a Presidential Fellowship, awarded to the 10 most highly qualified PhD applicants across the entire university. Tyler has published in top academic journals such as Ethics and the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and was previously a fellow at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.
Emerging Challenges Fund
Simran Dhaliwal
Simran coordinates Longview Philanthropy’s research, grantmaking, and advocacy work. Prior to joining, she was a research analyst at Goldman Sachs, working on a two-person team recognised as the best sell-side stockpickers in London in 2018. While there, she also became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and was donating to high-impact charities.
Emerging Challenges Fund
Carl Robichaud
Nuclear Weapons Policy Programme Officer
Carl co-leads Longview’s programme on nuclear weapons policy, and co-manages Longview’s Nuclear Weapons Policy Fund. For more than a decade, Carl led grantmaking in nuclear security at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, a philanthropic fund which grants over $30 million annually to strengthen international peace and security. Carl previously worked with The Century Foundation and the Global Security Institute, where his extensive research spanned arms control, international security policy, and nonproliferation.