Join 10,000 others and pledge to give.

If the global 1% dedicate 10% of their earnings towards strategic philanthropy, together we can solve the world’s largest problems.

10% of 1%

We have partnered with Giving What We Can to support the Pledge to Give. Nearly 10,000 people have taken a public pledge to commit a meaningful portion of their income to effective charities. The purpose of this pledge is threefold:


Making public commitments helps us live up to our values and stick with the goals we may otherwise let slide.


Giving What We Can offers a community of pledgers to give support and advice to help follow through on the commitment.


Taking a public pledge helps inspire others to follow our example. Together we can forge a world in which giving effectively and significantly is a cultural norm.

If the richest 1% on earth gave 10%, an additional $3.5 trillion would go to work to make our world better.

  • This represents an almost fourfold increase in money going to philanthropy, which is currently about $1 trillion per year.
  • If you are earning over $60,000 USD per year, you are in the top 1% of earners.

Take the Pledge to Give, and read on to find out your giving could help transform our world for the better.


With an additional $3.5 trillion, strategically deployed, we could together solve many of the world’s largest problems.

In just one year we could:

  • Raise everyone in the world above the international poverty line for that year with unconditional cash transfers
  • Never have a global pandemic again
  • Double R&D spending on clean energy
  • Increase nonprofit spending on nuclear security 40 times over
  • Multiply by ten the work to ensure provably safe AI
  • Fund a 15-year plan to end hunger and malnutrition
  • Ensure everyone has access to clean water and sanitation, once and for all
  • Give women control over their reproduction and reproductive health
  • Eradicate tuberculosis, malaria and HIV, as well as the 20 “neglected tropical diseases” that affect the world’s poorest
  • Fund a plan to halve, and plausibly end industrial animal agriculture by 2050

Watch this space for Longview Philanthropy CEO Natalie Cargill’s TED talk explaining how, or click here for the research behind our proposal.

Longview Philanthropy’s work focuses on reducing global catastrophic risks from nuclear war, engineered pandemics, extreme climate change, and artificial general intelligence. Our grants aim to make the most progress on these issues as possible for the current marginal dollar.

For a more complete overview of Longview Philanthropy’s grantmaking and how we work with donors, please contact

We are grateful for support to figure out how to solve other global problems at scale from our expert partners at GiveDirectly, the Good Food Institute, Open Philanthropy, and more.