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We design and execute bespoke giving strategies for major donors. Our grant recommendations are driven by the conviction that we can use evidence and reason to find the highest-impact opportunities in the world.


We aspire to a world in which the interests of future generations are fairly considered in decisions about how, when and where to invest resources. And we harness the unique power of philanthropy and philanthropic capital to make that world a reality.

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Our Vision


Working with an extensive network of independent experts, we identify bold projects that have the potential to create an outsized impact. Taking inspiration from the model of venture capital, we maximise the expected impact of every grant we recommend by uncovering opportunities that are high-reward yet neglected.

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Our Approach
Our Values


Everything we do is guided by our core values:

  1. Longtermism: Our collective future could be extraordinarily good or inordinately bad. We believe this generation has the power to influence which path humanity takes, and it is essential that we act responsibly.

  2. A scientific mindset:  Wherever possible, we are informed by the latest research from the natural and social sciences, and we act on the best available balance of evidence.

  3. Intellectual honesty: Informed by world-class expertise, we only make the grant recommendations that we think are best. We do not merely tell our philanthropists what they want to hear.

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Everything we offer is completely free of charge, and always will be. Our operational expenses are covered by a small number of mission-aligned donors who do not influence our funding recommendations or the direction of our work. This commitment to operational independence ensures impartiality in our grantmaking, allowing us to find and recommend the very best opportunities without bias.

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Our Independence
How We Work With Philanthropists


For all types of philanthropists at all stages in their giving journey, we provide one-on-one strategy sessions and intellectual deep-dives with experts in fields such as synthetic biology, advanced artificial intelligence and improving institutional decision-making.

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Following these discussions, we develop and execute a bespoke giving strategy based on each philanthropist’s interests and giving capacity. We always recommend the grants we think are highest-impact, and never merely what we think philanthropists want to hear.  As well as making grant recommendations, we conduct grant processing, due diligence, and impact assessment. 


We work with donors internationally who are looking to give over $1 million annually to address our world's most pressing problems, and many of the donors we work with give substantially above this level. 


Our typical donor profiles include scientifically-minded entrepreneurs new to giving, established philanthropists interested in high-impact, evidence-based grants, and global organisations expanding into future generations-focused work. 

If you would like to find out more about our approach or are interested in becoming part of our network of philanthropists, please contact

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